Dear you,
today I'll create an aesthetic article about my favorite Hunger Games' characters, enjoy it ღ

Let's start!

Katniss Everdeen

aesthetic and boots image hair, red, and aesthetic image Mature image hair image
she's a leader, a powerful woman, a warrior who will never give up, she's an example of something better

Gale Hawthorne

photography image coal and district 12 image alternative, art, and black and white image boy, girl, and jacket image
he's a tormented man in love with the wrong girl. I mean, to me Kat and him are the perfect couple but Suzanne doesn't think like me lol

Primrose Everdeen

blonde and girl image white, aesthetic, and grunge image cat, cute, and animal image butterfly, gold, and aesthetic image
she was a cute little girl, she was generous and smart but in the end it didn't pay...

Finnick Odair

Image by robbiexavier mermaid, fish, and ocean image eyes, boy, and eye image Image by Katsuki Bakugo
he is a hot bad boy who's good in the inside. He's great and sweet like a lump of sugar ;)

Done! I hope you liked this short article :)

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