Before you start reading this article, I want to warn you that my main language is not English it’s French. Be indulgent to me, I did my best to correct myself.
Hello Hearters,
For today's article, I decided to talk about clothes shopping ... I hate going straight to the stores, I prefer to shop online and you?
I believe that online shopping can sometimes be good for our money ... as sometimes the opposite. What I like the most about buying online is that we can take advantage of several discounts and promotions that allow us to save money, this is also another reason why I shop a lot more online. In addition, I always noticed that there are more varieties on a shopping site ...
Here is the list of my online stores that I often place my orders:
—Garage clothing (More for teen girl)
Website: garageclothing .com
fashion, outfit, and girl image fashion, style, and denim image
—Dynamite clothing (More for women)
Website: dynamiteclothing .com
fashion, style, and jeans image beauty, chic, and outfit image
—Zaful (Only a online store)
Website: zaful .com
photography inspiration, alternative vintage, and goals baddie baddies image beach, swimwear, and fitness image
—Romwe (Only a online store)
Website: romwe .com
fashion, outfit, and girl image fashion, style, and outfit image
—Triangl (Only a online store)
Website: northamerica.triangl .com
Image by Katelyn Pugh black, fashion, and triangl image
And you what is your favorites stores? I'm curious...

There you go girls! If you have any questions about my online shopping or you just want to send me a message you can come, I love talking with new people!

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