hi y'all !! today i'm going to show you my fictional character. btw this was inspired by @luvchurro so please go and check her out <3

name: Oceana Winderson
age: 16
birthday: 5/10/2001
birthplace: Greece
fav colour: yellow
fav season: autumn
her aesthetic: 70s + 80s

Appearance: (first image is her)

lips image beautiful, Best, and life image girl, tumblr, and flowers image
Whitish-blonde hair, freckles, green eyes, pale skin


aesthetic and yellow image quotes, alright, and grunge image
blunt, doesn't care about what people think, smart, has bad puns, stubborn and comforting.


aesthetic, starbucks, and tumblr image aesthetic, overalls, and ootd image clothes, cool, and fashion image yellow, fashion, and girl image
just a lil bit like this.


book, aesthetic, and white image harry potter and wallpaper image blue, bricks, and ship image art, painting, and ocean image
reading, harry potter, going on long walks, drawing/painting.


quotes, wisdom, and words image courage, inspirational, and quotes image deep, inspiration, and motivation image quotes, girl, and book image
her mottos.

thank you for reading my first article, hope to make more soon! ;)