So here are some songs by twenty-one pilots for different moods

1.Having trouble with present? listen to Hometown

2.Losing hope in your dreams? lisen to We Don't Believe What's On TV

3.Thinking too much? listen to Ode To Sleep

4.When you want to prove everyone wrong listen to Not Today

5.Having anxiety? listen to Kitchen Sink, Lovely, Doubt

6.Losing hope and faith? listen to Trees

7.When you're not sure if tomorrow will be better listen to Truce

8.Feeling a bit broken? listen to Screen

9.Negative thoughts? listen to Migraine

10.Fearing that you'll be forgotten? listen to Goner

11.Want to erase or redeem the past? listen to Polarize

12.Feeling sad? listen to Oh Ms Believer, Anathema

13.Feeling lonely? listen to Forest, Holding Onto You, Fake You Out

14.Feeling misunderstood? listen to Message Man

15.Find it hard to rely on people? listen to The Run And Go

I hope this will help you

Stay Alive frens