hey love:)

so i'm bored and i feel like watching a movie while stuffing my face and clogging my arteries. then boom it hit me, what are my favorite movies ever and why? this is gonna be hard because i'm a total cinephile so here are my favorite top 10 movies

forest gump: ok lets be real, any movie with tom hanks is already a masterpiece don't argue with me on that one. but i don't just love it because of it's a classic but the story of the movie is amazing. this boy who clearly had been bullied up until high school was in the army, started a shrimp company, won ping pong championships and accomplished so much more. it's a funny but touching nostalgic movie of success.

gravity: it's a common movie that many people don't talk about. but the way it's filmed is perfect because it makes the audience feel like your in space. it's about a woman who goes to space with her partner in a mission, there space shuttle gets destroyed and now it's up to them to get back to earth. i love it because i love sci fi movies and because it shows the depth of space and how intriguingly dangerous it is if you get lost. it won 7 oscars to.

the book thief: if you love historic movies about world war 2 and nazis, this is the movie for you. it captures my essence on books and how much i love them. it's about a girl who is adopted by these people in 1938. once the father realizes that she can't read he teachers and she starts to love books. along the way they find out that the parents are keeping a jewish boy hidden and safe because he saved the fathers life, so it's dangerous for them to live in germany. i love it because its historical and shows lots of emotion really well

the conjuring/conjuring 2: both horror movies are executed very well. if your into demonlogy and spirits and history of that then watch these movies. there both based on true stories. the acting and the way they make the movie is also interesting. i love horror movies and most of the time it's hard to pull off the right way of doing it because it has to really scare you in a way and these 2 totally did.

masterminds: oh this movie is so funny and totally reccommended. it's even based on a true story and i even did research on it to see how accurate it was and everything is pretty accurate. its super funny if your into comedy and it has people like owen wilson and kristen wiig.

the sixth sense: it's yet another horror movie. i watched this and i fell in love with it because the storyline, again, is really really good. its directed by m. night. shyamalan and he's a phenomenal director. its about a young boy who has a dark secret which is that he is visited by ghosts and seen everywhere until he meets his psychologist who both uncover their own dark secrets. the ending has a big twist that you would never expect. its like mystery horror.

everest: i saw this movie once in theater and never again. we were planning on seeing a different movie but my sister wanted to see this and i didn't so i whined but i actually LOVED it. its biographical, about these 2 teams who start their journey on everest which is the highest point on earth. but then there's this storm and it's really difficult to climb. i don't want to go to into detail because there are some surprises throughout. but it made me really emotional and it captures your attention

gone in 60 seconds: this movie is crime and action and its great. its about this man, a car thief, who has to assemble 50 luxurious cars in one night in order to save his brother who is held hostage and he has to get his old team back. its cool because my best friends dad loves it so much he actually has a car from the movie in their garage.

me before you: its a romantic, yes, and it does make you cry, or at least it made me cry. its about a man who gets into a car accident and is paralized from the neck down so he has to be in a wheelchair for his life. he's rich, hot and a banker. then his parents realize he needs a caregiver because their busy so they hire an interesting quirky girl, and they fall in love but there is a twist that i won't say. just watch and find out, and bring a box of tissues to.

dead poets society: last but not least this movie is a classic. its about a private school for boys who recieve a new english teacher and he uses unprofessional ways to reach out to his students and hopefully pursues their dreams while they get tremendous amounts of pressure from their parents. as always there is a twist at the end. i love the movie because it has robin williams who is the greatest actor but also because it gives a little motivation through the works of poetry.

those are my top 10 favorite movies of course i have more but these ones are special to me. i reccommend all of these movies and if you watch these, please let me know what you think because i think you'll love these movies. i love movies and being a cinephile because in movies, you can create whatever you want and make it your own. you can depict messages of different feelings like motivation or sadness etc. cinema is what makes the world unique.

hope you enjoyed this article, love you:)