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Sometimes we live carelessly - as if what is happening to us today is not so important.

Love consists of nonsense things that do not make sense; they can cause someone to smile or surprise, but at the moment when they occur, there is nothing more beautiful.

Somehow - in fact it means never.

Friends do not necessarily understand, they are accepted as they are.

"To start saving the world, you need to save one person after another."

Instead of talking about what you would like to do, act.

When you love, words are never enough.

Between a man and a woman, sincerity is excluded.

When you feel good with a person, it does not matter what you do: the main thing is how.

There are people who are born specifically to break others' buzz.

We remember such stupid and insignificant things, but what we really want to remember is not remembered.

Each action entails certain consequences.

Just for you, I'll change my skin, so as not to feel how the seasons pass without you ...

Do not worry. Sometimes crying is nice, it means that you really miss someone and really really love someone ...

When you pick up the person you love, you can not do anything, and no humor will help.

It seems to us that we know the people around us, but it's not. We do not know anything about their thoughts, their joys, their pain. And how often we are mistaken, seeing them through the prism of our vision, passing through our habits, through our vision of the world.

Our life is a delicate balance.

A woman is an eternal dreamer, and her dreams are sky-high.

Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world.

What to say: it's easier with a friend, a friend knows everything about you and loves you without any conditions.

A true friend does not require any explanation, he quietly sits next to him and does what he is asked to do.

A kiss does not require translation into other languages.

A kiss is like an earthen cast, it imprinted in time the image, features, smell, character of the person who kissed you.

Parfume in women play an important role - it's their calling card.

Life is a movie with a single click of a cracker.

The madmen are laying the paths along which the sensible will follow.

You must always tell the truth.

When we parted with someone, as our life goes on, we experience new experiences that increasingly distance us from this person.

Without a dream, you can not go anywhere.