hi guys! this OC is from a story i'm writing, it's called "constellation kids" and you can find the aesthetic here: (also Martin's aesthetic)

(sorry for my bad english btw)

Martin has blue hair, he's tall and thin. Martin is nostalgic for a time that he didn't live in, and he wish he was born in the 80s. It makes him sad sometimes, because he feels like he's trap in the generation that he doesn't like.

boy, blue, and hair image 90s, grunge, and indie image band, clothes, and fashion image vintage, game, and gameboy image

Martin loves to take his old skateboard in the middle of the night, go at Victor's and tell him to come with him. They go at the highest point in the city, and they look at the stars while talking about life. Martin has old jeans,with big pockets, he put a lot of things in it like strawberry chewing-gum, a color gameboy, his headphones, keys, and Victor's number.

love, lgbt, and gay image aesthetic, blue, and indie image vintage and photography image colors, den haag, and graffiti image

People always say to Marin that he's very polite, and that his parents gave him a really good education. He wish he could explain that he never had any education from them. His mom left when he was young, and his dad do nothing but slap him sometimes. Well, more than sometimes. He slaps him, and other stuff, and Martin has blue arms, like his hair. But he doesn't tell anyone, not even Victor.

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Martin had a dog for a while, but it died, that's what his dad told him, but when he thinks about it, he probably sold the dog to buy drugs. Now, Martin has three goldfish. Martin hates maths, sciences, and biology. All those things that explain what he doesn't want to know. He also hates winter, romance movies, or couscous. Martin only loves his friends, his boyfriend and his skateboard.

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that's it. i mean, i have a lot more to say about Martin, but this article is too long already. I loved creating this character, he has a great back story and a powerful personality. hope you liked it!