"Sail your boat and watch it getting carried by the waves.
Sail your boat with your heart on your sleeve,
But remember to raise it when you're getting in deep.
Your heart is fragile, can barely be healed.
And if you misplace it, you'll start to feel.
It starts out happy, with butterflies and sweets.
But ends up teary, with ache and grief.
Don't get in too deep,
They'll warn you too late.
Your heart's already broken and it's messing your head.
"I can't sleep ..", "I can't eat ..", "I don't bother to smile ..",
That's what you start to say after sailing back a mile.
But later, little one, you'll come up to the safe.
You'll reach your shore when,
You're strong and you're brave.
And just so we're clear, it's never okay.
Your heart is scarred forever and it'll never be the same .."

- Maram Ataallah (aka omgMaramFathi)

Cover by: Me

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