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Cold and frightened day.
All my dreams are going away.
So I’ve been dreaming so many years and they
Just run away.
It’s just so depressing and sad and unbelievable.
Couldn’t they tell me instead of letting me hope ?
I’m in disgrace.
I’ll never, ever be able to raise again.
So I’ve hoped too harshly.
What did I do wrong ?
Imagine, believe, hope,
I’ll never, ever think about it.
Cause I can’t be deceived one more time
As this time.
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The sun touched my face and I felt grace and peace inside of me.
As it chose me, without a doubt, and gave me that hug, the one that I needed.
I felt all the life through my veins which is mine. I just felt joy as I used to back then.
I raised and danced and turned and smiled and laughed.
So many things I forgot I could do.
I raised myself in this beautiful moment, I was born again and no one will be able to kill me an other time.

The playlist of the story :
✩ Beautiful day by U2

I hope you liked and enjoyed.
Have a good day
or a good night,