Recently I became very interested in organizing my apartment and transforming it from a place where I sleep and eat into a place I can call home.

I want to feel all cozy, be surrounded by the things that I love and that bring me joy. I want my home to reflect who I am and to be my everyday source of inspiration which I lack at the moment.

One of the first steps is getting inspired and creating a mood board, so this article will serve just that.

I compiled a bunch of home design photos splitting them into categories, so enjoy and get inspired with me.

Living Room

style, white, and design image home, plants, and interior image home, interior, and decoration image Image by M I L A N A _97 home, decor, and interior image interior and flowers image
Sunlight, wood, plants and lots of soft fabrics.


Image by Maja kitchen, home, and white image kitchen, home, and decor image kitchen image kitchen, interior, and modern image Image by hey, lovely!
White, crisp, ceramics, light.


home, bedroom, and interior image bedroom, room, and home image bedroom, room, and home image apartment, bright, and copper image bedroom, home, and room image interior, white, and room image
Soft, rustic, cozy, warm light.

Desk area

plants, home, and decor image aesthetic, decor, and future image decor and home image room, home, and light image room image room, decor, and home image
Messy, but not cluttered, full of things I love, represents me the most, art.


interior, bathroom, and home image bathroom image bathroom, interior, and bath image bathroom, mirror, and home image home, bathroom, and inspiration image Image removed
Elegant, clean, marble, mirrors.


white, computer, and work image Inspiring Image on We Heart It diy image bedroom, flowers, and plants image design, home, and stairs image coffee image
Rose gold / copper, marble, glass, flowers.

That is just a rough scratch of how I want things, and I will write another article going more into details.

You can follow my collection, where you can find all these items and which will be updated every now and then.

Home is the starting place of love, hope and dreams.