As we all have been informed, 3 days ago the raper XXXTENTACION was shot by two assailants. Yeah, we all know how sad is when somebody dies but in some cases the world is closer to be better if people like him disappear.I know there are a lot of fans of his music but do you actually know what kind of person he was? If not, read some things below. (all the below were found and submitted by barchle on Instagram)

Before I start, I don't want to be misunderstood.I feel sorry for his family and his fan that liked his music but i don't feel sorry for him at all.

Thats what he did to his pregnant girlfriend claiming she had cheated.

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he fractured her nose and jaw, caused nerve damage, and left her blind in one eye.

He stuck a BBQ fork up her vagina

Had his fans harass this girl until she couldn't work

He said he will rape someone's 14 years old sister

He repeatedly came for dark skin women

He almost beat a gay man to death just because he looked at him

Said homophobic towards him in countless interviews

And much more. He did all these horrible things yet all of a sudden y'all have a heart. Y'all literally mock and harass women who get raped and beat.Try justifying the death of innocent black women .Literally fucking say trans people should die if they don't disclose themselves.Go to hell. Idgaf. Let me catch somebody caping for him or being sad. Don't act surprised when you're unfollowed.

Some tweets that i couldn't agree more


i pay my respect to the victims of the xxxtentacion who had to suffer at the hands of his abuse & to his family for losing a child at such a young age but I do not respect or mourn the loss of him, death doesn't make him a good person.


"xxxtentacion didnt deserve to one does"

well bitch no one deserves to get nearly killed for being gay nor deserves to get raped and abused!!! y'all so fucking fake. fuck him i have absolutely NO sympathy for abusers and homophobes.


i send my sympathy to x's family & victims.and i'm not really d=saying he deserved death either, but he was quite literally a whole abuser & violent homophobe and doesn't get my prayers & sympathy

and an amazing story on insta by @bravenry

Couple months ago yall were pt melanie martinez and now yall making nice edits of someone who has done the same and worse?Just cause he died doesn't mean you can forgive him. Yall really need to start thinking about whta you're doing cause it's awful. How do you think his victims feel seeing everyone praise him?

And don'y even get me started on some of you deciding to side with the abuser instead of the victims even when there have been plenty of allegations not even just one

That's for today,guys. Just do some research before you start staning someone and call him your idol please.Thanks.

P.S Somehow I really feel bad for people who still stan X when they know what he has done...