hello everyone! this article will hopefully help you how to study.

school is very important to me and i´m always trying to do my best to make my parents and also myself proud. but i know, i know.. it´s very hard to start and then, why should you do it? first of all i love the feeling after being productive and second of all if you study hard now, you can live your dream life in a few years. i know that it won´t be easy but it´s gonna be worth it

today i´m gonna share with my some study tips


write a list with your goals in life you wanna accomplish

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read motivational quotes

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School Organizer

use a school organizer so you can write down your homework, the dates of the tests, etc. and to plan your life

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No Books

learn with your notes from class(START MAKING NOTES IN CLASS IF YOU DO NOT ALREADY) and the internet. it´s most of the time much easier to understand something for example in math when you hear an explanation from another person than your teacher or your book

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write down the subjects that are going to be in the exam

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after you planned what you need to learn with your study-plan you have to write EVERYTHING down that you need to know

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when you need to learn vocabulary, use flashcards. for me it´s the best way to learn vocab. but you can also use them for math formulas or you just put the most important information on them.

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use colourful pencils and post-its to make the studying a little bit more appealing

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Snacks & Coffee

very important

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Take Breaks

you neeeeeeed to take breaks! your brain can´t bear when you try to study 3 hours straight without any breaks

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