Hi guys! This is my first article but I'm really excited to share my music taste with you all! I'll be posting regularly so follow my collection (link at the end of the article) to stay updated. These are some of my favorite songs at the moment, I hope you like them. x

Perfume ~ Roy Blair

roy blair image

the idea of you ~ mxmtoon

cool, goals, and idol image

humility ~ Gorillaz

Mature image

what I need ~ Hayley Kiyoko and Kehlani

hayley kiyoko, kehlani, and girls image

boy ~ Willow

beauty, blue, and colors image

fucking young ~ Tyler, the creator

of, yellow, and tyler the creator image

flaming hot cheetos ~ Clairo

aesthetic, blue, and sky image

chronic sunshine ~ Cosmo Pyke

music and cosmo pyke image

honey ~ Kehlani

kehlani image

for the first time ~ Mac Demarco

mac and macdemarco image

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