Inspired by my unstoppable anticipation of my summer trip to Madeira, I'd like to share this ideas!

Dive straight in

summer, girl, and ocean image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
without further thinking!

Enjoy the moment and be free

Watch the sunset

sunset, ocean, and sea image drink, travel, and wine image
grab a drink, enjoy the mood

The ultimate vacation feeling!

Watch the sunrise

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be an earlybird!

One thing prettier than sunset? Sunrise!


meditation image fashion image
inhale exhale inhale exhale

Let your lungs taste the seasalt
Let your spirits revive
Feel the soft breeze on your face
Listen to the sounds of the waves
Take your time

Go Stand-Up-Paddling

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much more difficult than it looks

Don't waste your time doing nothing but laying in the sun, make some cool experiences

Have some seafood

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most delicious food on earth

Treat yourself with some good food and wine, just relax from the inside to the outside

Collect seashells

shell, beach, and sea image Image by Katelyn Pugh
the best memories

I used to do it as child a lot and I still love doing it! It allows me to travel back in time!

Take the most remarkable photo ever

adventure, atmosphere, and bay image girl, sea, and ocean image
embrace the beauty

Photography is so much fun- especially by the sea

Go surfing

surf, summer, and beach image ocean, summer, and beach image
a dream to come true hopefully soon

More activity and sports in the sea

Explore the sealife

animal, sea, and orca image animals, crab, and nature image
ocean jewels

Go explore the shore and its surprises
Create an adventure

Be inspired

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read create remember

Channel your creativity
Read a good book
Create something new

Be with your loved ones

beach, girl, and legs image couple, love, and summer image
create unforgettable memories

Share your experience! It is important for friendship.