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tae: finished!!
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tae: let's eat on the bed

au: ah! you're good at cooking!
tae: thanks, jin teaches me sometimes

tae: so an other thing you haven't done?
au: maybe get dressed matching with my boyfriend
tae: ah me too

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tae: let's go :)

au: I want to walk holding hands
tae: me too...

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au: you know.. I've never been to an art museum
tae: what?!? come!
au: I know it's really strange

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tae: you can open you eyes, we're here

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tae: I love picasso painting

tae: I've never done a portrait of my girlfriend
au: me too, let's do that, it seems fun!
tae: yeah hahahaha

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tae: your is too good! you have to transfer in the art class!
au: your is better!!!
tae: can we change picture so I can have your only portrait you've done?
au: hahahaha yes
tae: now you have to do an other thing
au: I'm thinking... I've never been trasportated on the back for a long time...
tae: what?!?! you want me to die?
au: hahahaha just for 10 m
tae: okay I'll do that for you
au: let's go in an underground car park

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there they had a lot of fun running nonsense and screaming

tae: you're not so heavy
au: well thanks
tae: now I want to do a pitcure booth together
au: *so sweet

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au: I'm horrible
tae: that's not true! you're really adorable

au: have you ever dyed you hair?
tae: of course! hahaha
au: why don't we dye the hair of the same colour?
tae: such a good idea!

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au: you're so cute!!!
tae: you're too beautiful

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au: thanks I'm having a lot of fun!!

tae: me too, I'm really happy
au: ah it's lunch time
tae: let's go in a cute restaurant
au: I want to eat a couple meal!
tae: yeah me too!

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tae: let's drink from the same cup
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au: *he's so cute in dates, I'm liking him even more

tae: why don't we have a picnic in a park?
au: yes please!!
tae: take your ukulele with you
au: okay and also my polaroid

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they started takig photos of each other
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they lie down hugging each other
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she plays the uke while tae sings
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tae buys her a crown of flowers
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tae: you're beautiful like this! it suits you!

au: what was that?!?
tae: hahahaha ;)

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they have fun all the time teasing each other
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tae: audrey come here for a sec
au: what? why?!
tae: I want to hug you
au: I'm coming...*blushing

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tae: now you're hugging me first
au: hahahaha
tae: we're going to fall like this!
au: kyaaa
tae: I was saying it...

tae realizes that he's just over her
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tae: ah sorry *embarassed
au: hahahaha *blushing
tae: I want to paint graffiti
au: why not? on that wall?

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au: that's so cute!!

tae: let's go somewhere else!
au: what about taking a bus at random and see where it goes?
tae: hahaha if we get lost? that's stupid

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au: I like doing stupid things with you :)
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tae: that's the reason why I like you ;) *it's not possible to be bored with her...
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au: on this one that's pink!!
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they sit near each other

a person ask Audrey to sit on her place cause she's old
au: of course
tae: sit on me
au: I'm too heavy
tae: don't worry
au: ...okay hahaha *embarassing

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au: look at this place!! I want to come here again with the others
tae: yeah, we can do a sea trip
au: ah it's a bit late now
tae: we can return where we were and do something else until night
au: obviously! I don't want to go home until night! today is our day, let's do whatever we want!
tae: hahaha yes please

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