Some of us are older and some of us didn't even started to think about their future and what they want to do after school.

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Me being in 11th grade, I already have to make my main plan and a plan b, because you can't be 100%ly sure about your future and yourself. Sometimes we change and sometimes plans have to change.

If this happens, don't worry and stay calm, there are always other ways to go.

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Always talk to your parents first, they mostly know what to do and if not, at least you talked with them about your problems and they'll probably try their best to help you out.

Talk to your teachers or authorities, they know the school system in your country and they probably know which choices you have.

Search for information online, sometimes there are people who were in the same situation as you are, they are able to give you some advice.

If you have no time and desperately need a job, look into your local newspaper and start something first to settle and afterwards you can start to search furthermore about night schools or something similar.

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If you have any chances to make your driving license, do it. It's like a small certification already and people are more willing to give you a job with a driving license.

Don't worry and don't give up, there are always different paths.