Hello again WeHeartIt community!

Here I am, posting another article with my poems. This time I decided to present another twenty poems of mine. This time, not all of them are about love, some of them are love poems, but most of them are poems about losing yourself, about insecurity, sadness, about how it hard to accept your own feelings, how it hard to love yourself. These poems are filled with melancholy. I do struggle with accepting myself...who doesn't? There are days, when I hate myself and there are days when I smile looking at myself in the mirror. There are different days.

Poetry helps me to deal with my demons, with my emotions. Poetry heals me and I hope that maybe some of these poems can heal you a little bit too.


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sometimes we are tired and there is no explainable reason of our tiredness. our soul feels lost and we just lay in the bed, looking at ceiling and wonder, why we can move, why we feel this way?

this is okay, lay down for a bit, rest.


remember when
i told you,
that i was tired
of loving you
but girl, i still do
i will always love you

sometimes people get tired of giving and receiving love, but they never stop loving if this love is real.

3. but not today

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i will try to become better version of me, i'll try to be the one, whom you deserve, i'll try.

4. teach me

i wanna love you,
but i don't know how.
so please teach me
how to love you,
and i'll do,
i'll love you.
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5. hello panic attack

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i hate when i get panic attacks in the subways, it makes it so much worser, because i am surrounded by people and i am so afraid of them.


write me a letter,
i'll read it and i'll smile
or maybe i'll cry,
because you're away
you didn't want to stay.
/i still miss you everyday/
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i just need someone to stay, is that too much to ask?


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loving yourself is important, but at the same time is such a hard thing to do. we love others with such simplicity, why can we love ourselves the same way?

8. don't cry

baby don't cry,
i wanna be with you all my life.
honey don't cry,
our love shines like the sun.
give me your hand
and we are still in the air,
don't look down,
'cause i'm here
with you.
i like the way you hold
my hand,
it makes me smile
like a child.
i like the awkward silence
between us,
it makes me happy inside.
i can talk about what
i like about you
all night.
everything gonna be alright,
don't cry.
come in my arms,
i'll sing for you.

these are lyrics from the song which i wrote to comfort someone important, but before i could sing this song to this person, i heard the sound of the closing door.

9. again

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i honestly hate these thoughts, i don't to be the victim of them.


binary love,
i love him
and i love her.

love is love.


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it's raining from my eyes
when i hear your cries.
i want to stop your pains
/but i can't/
i'm in chains.

12. ego

i am capable of loving myself.
but also i am capable of
destroying myself.

we are capable of many things, bad and good.

13. daddy issues

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i got you, even if you don't do the same for me.

14. fighter

you're my diamond,
you shine so bright
and you're so strong,
you won every fight.
your scars
are evidence of every fight,
i kiss them gently every night,
while we are falling in love.


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i beg you darling
let me walk away.

16. the klimt's kiss

once you asked me
what is my favorite painting
and i said that it is
"the kiss" by gustav klimt.
i lied
'cause my favorite painting
is you kissing me.
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you are my favorite painting. you are art.


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i'm lying in my bed
with this bad recalling
of who did cut my wings
why am i falling?

this is my life and i feel like i am wasting it by writing these poems and falling in love with the wrong person.

18. fill me up

i feel empty.
can you feel me up
with your sweet kisses?
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you come,
smoking kills me,
loving you heals me.
you leave,
loving you kills me,
smoking heals me.
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so these are my poems which i wanted to share with you. thank you for your time and for reading them. right now, i don't have a lot to say, so i guess this is the end of this article.