Well, good morning WeHearter! It is 11.26 pm in Finland and my Morning has started with a cup of coffee and little bit of ice cream. (oh, such a healthy life). Hope you guys have great start to your morning too, or night, or afternoon, depends where you are right now, when you read this article :)

So, this article is my first and Im about to tell you about myself a little so you guys know who is this pink haired crazy girl.

Okay let's begin.

My name is Pinja, yes that's sounds weird and i wish i have had another name, but oh mama obiously i have no chance to be heard when i was same size as my mom's purse. Mom said that she and dad had those "what her name is going to be?! NO I DONT LIKE THAT NAME, ANOTHER PLS" -disagreements alot. Then suddenly, some horserider named Pinja was in a magazine cause she won some kind of contest idk(?) and then mom decided OH our first daughter should have name after her, it sounds great, Pinja.

Okay that's all about my weird name.

Im 17 yrs old, i had my birthday on April 24th and i just cant wait till i turn 18!
I have been on a relationship over a year now with the most amazing human on earth and i really believe in love at first sight and hope that this person is the one for me. He is 4 yrs older than me, but it doesn't matter at all. Mybe it's just much better, because, you know, boys grow up much slower than us, girls.

I also have cat named Felix and i have literally very confusing love/hate friendship with it.
I live at my parents house with my stupid ass cat Felix, my littlesister, littlebrother and parents. I have been thinkin about moving out soon, but im not sure yet.

You can see that i like weird colored hair like pink (oh yes gurl) and others. To be honest, my hair has been pink, blond, brown, dark brown, black, white, GREEN, orange, purple, Silver :D My real color is blonde and yes it has been very damaged around the years :/ Should I post more pictues of my hair?

Im that kind of person who loves being around people but also loves own space and deserves peace. I love watching Netflix series like Lucifer, LOVE, Prison Break.
I love Morning coffee. I love fluffy blankets and warm hugs, who doesnt????
i love makeup and beauty. I love peaceful places in nature to explore.
I think that im comprehensive person and i like that. Maybe it is good to be like that.

Hope you really like my first article, it means so so so much to me<3 Let me know if i should write more!