Hey everyone!! Welcome to my vlog day 1!!

So basically, yesterday, I was updating my laptop (mac) to iOS High Sierra, and It took the whole afternoon to update (3pm-9pm) and then it reset (when it turns into a black screen with an apple and a progress bar u know what i mean xD) Then, the stupid thing didn't work, it froze all night!! I was so worried about what was gonna happen, so I turned my laptop off. (stupid me) then my laptop never turned on and a file with a question mark appeared and the thing was flashing on the screen. I was so mad and I didn't know what was happening. I took my laptop to ICT (school tech help) and they have to take it to apple! I am so angry ahha its weird, and then they gave me a loan laptop and now I have to use it!! It feels weird, i'm not used to using a chromebook, it just feels weird. But my bag is way lighter now! But it would take a week or two to fix... I'll keep you updated!

Anyway, overall, I had a good day, it was good but I miss my laptop... the new one doesn't have spotify :(

Thanks for reading!!

----- If you made it this far, you're a legend ;)