💟 learn a new language :
french, Spanish, sign language...

💟 develop your musical or cinematographic culture
that means to explore new styles!

💟 learn how to draw/paint

💟do some fun activities outdoors
canyoning, ropes, diving, canoe...

💟do some fun activities indoors
build a pillow castle, cook, redecorate your room

💟make movies/short films with your family/friends
create some stories or make a music video!

💟write a book/novel
you can also publish it on wattpad

💟do some things you used to do as a child
listen to your old playlist, look at old pictures with your family, go to an amusement park you used to love... throwback!

💟do a photo shoot

💟go to an outdoor cinema

💟go to a music festival

💟learn how to play an instrument

💟create a music band with your friends

💟earn money
baby or dog sitting, work in a shop/restaurant...

💟read as much as you can

💟start a new workout

💟create a new playlist

💟take care of yourself
do face masks, take a bath...

💟never say no to an invitation

💟send letters to a bunch of people

💟go make some friends
if it's hard for you, you can go to a summer camp!

💟go to new places
try to get lost near your town to discover new things

💟go to an aquatic park

💟make a scrapbook of your summer day by day!

💟go to the beach/lake

💟organize a picnic with your friends

💟sleep in a trampoline