On this season it's really important to be prepared for the weather especially if you are planning on going to the beach, I live in a city where we have a really hot weather so i know that i'ts really hard to keep your cool while you're all sweaty , but here are some ideas that i would like to share and also try by myself ,to make this sunny days more enjoyfull.


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I have curly hair so i don't really pay much attention to my hairstyle, i just brush it and use some hair cream to keep it nice and that's it, but this summer i would like to try some fresh hairstyles.

*Messy Bun

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It's really easy to do it and kind of sexy.


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I love bandanas¡ I have my own collection, i normally use them as a diadem but there are many ways to wear them.

*Two Briades

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They are really stylish and comfortable some of them are not that easy to do,but it's just about practice.


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I really love to use neckline beacouse i have big breasts and i don't like to feel ashame of them, it's not like i like to show them to everyone or something like that, but hot weather it's the perfect excuse to use clothes that let me show some skin. So if you have good legs, breasts, waist or any part of your body that you are really proud of, show it.


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They area really practical, fresh and they are always a good option to wear.


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They are the perfect excuse to show more skin without feel uncomfortable.


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You can wear them with anything and they will look just perfect.


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My family and i really walk a lot when we go to the beach or when we go to anywhere so comfortable shoes would be the best.


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I just love them, i actually wear them in almost any time of the year, another part of my body that i really like are my feet, but i have many friends that heat their feet and i think it's really sad.
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*Sneakers They are practical and comfortable especially if you are going for a ride.

I think that's enough for my firs article, i hope you enjoy reading it as much as i enjoy doing it, it was more for clear some ideas for my trip but i really have a lot of fun doing it, you can send me some post cards whenever you want to talk about fashion or anything else.