There are a bunch of ships bellow and I don't expect people to like all of them but hopefully you like at least 1 :) Thx for viewing my article!

Katniss and Peeta-The Hunger Games

Ship Names: {Everlark}

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hunger games, mockingjay, and everlark image peeta image the hunger games, peeta, and katniss image the hunger games, peeta, and katniss image
My all time FAVORITE relationship ever would have to be Everlark. Katniss and Peeta are the literal definition of true love, you always find it even in the darkest of times. So sorry if you are a Gale and Katniss fan but I mean come on ;). The amount of great quotes in the Hunger Games books is just unbelievable, if you haven't yet read the Hunger Games books I highly recommend it, they changed my life.

Thomas and Teresa-The Maze Runner

Ship Name: {Thomesa}

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kiss, thomas, and KAYA SCODELARIO image kiss, teresa, and thomas image thomesa and mazerunner image art, teresa, and thomas image
Certain people dislike this relationship but if you read ALL of the books and take time to analyze them it isn't that hard to see that these two belong together, I recommend reading the first book at least. Thomas and Teresa have a complicated relationship but no matter how bad things get they never truly stop caring for one another. Btw... I really hate Brenda.

Gilbert and Anne-Anne With An E

Ship Name:{Albert}... I Guess

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anne shirley, gilbert blythe, and cute image anne, gilbert blythe, and lucas jade zumann image anne of green gables, jonathan crombie, and anne shirley image gilbert blythe, anne with an e, and anne shirley image
Ok guys (internally squeals!!!) I Really LOVE Anne and Gilbert, their relationship is just the cutest thing in a kinda basic but good way... I Love that it is set before the age of electronics. These two have a very playful relationship that just makes me so happy. Season 2 comes out later this year!!! Highly Recommend Watching It.

Tate and Violet-American Horror Story

Ship Name: {Violate}

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love, american horror story, and angel image tate, american horror story, and ahs image american horror story, black, and rose image ahs, american horror story, and tate image
You can't not like this relationship I mean come on, Tate and Violet both have a sort of darkness inside them, although Tate's is obviously more clear to see. Season 8 of AHS is a Coven/Murder House cross over and I really hope to see more of this duo, although I highly doubt it will happen. Tate and Violet just find comfort in one another, Tate says that Violet is his light and I just hope we see them find a middle ground in their huge issue.

Archie and Veronica-Riverdale

Ship Name: {Varchie}

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I Know everyone here is probably questioning where the Bughead edit is but... I honestly don't care what so ever about their relationship. I really love Veronica as a character, not so much Archie, and I just don't like Betty at all, she's kinda really crazy... I do like the relationship between Archie and Veronica though, I think they feel safe with one another and that that sparks the intimacy in their romance. I do think they need to dial down their love at times but I mean at least they are happy together, (Which is clear to see in the last episode of season 1 in the mirror at Pop's Choc-lit Shop)

Mike and Eleven-Stranger Things

Ship Name: {Mileven}

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stranger things, eleven, and mike image stranger things, eleven, and finn wolfhard image eleven, stranger things, and finn wolfhard image eleven, stranger things, and mike image
Aren't Mike and 11 just the most innocent couple ever, I love their love. They both are so sweet to one another, you can tell they just want to keep each other safe. I hope things work out for them in the end, also, why on earth in season 2 could Hopper not just let Mike visit every once in a while?

Lucy and Wyatt-Timeless

Ship Names: {Wucy and Lyatt}

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history, timeless, and timetravel image edit, lucy preston, and NBC image Lucy, timeless, and wyatt image gif, timeless, and tv image
Lucy and Wyatt are... complicated, the end of season 2 kinda left me a bit confused. When they are together and happy though, they are just the perfect pair. I really recommend watching Timeless, I started in 2016 and loved it, trust me it just gets better and better. Enjoy!

Maya and Lucas-Girl Meets World

Ship Name: {Lucaya}

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sabrina carpenter, peyton meyer, and girl meets world image couple, lucas, and maya image gif, smoke and fire, and sabrina carpenter image lucas, maya, and huckleberry image
Ok, so I was really obsessed with this show for a while because of the love triangle, and we all know how that ended soooo. Maya and Lucas are both perfect for one another, they tease and joke around all the time and it's just the cutest thing, too bad...

Riley and Danny-Baby Daddy

Ship Name: {Ranny)

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baby daddy, he, and looks image baby daddy, couple, and diley image chelsea kane, derek theler, and baby daddy image baby daddy, cute, and couple image
Ok, now everyone who has seen Baby Daddy knows whats up with these two. The time it took for them both to realize what they wanted in life was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too long, but still worth the wait. I love this friendship turned romantic. Watch Baby Daddy I highly recommend it, pretty sure it just left Netflix though soooo little too late.

Ben and Cassie-The 5th Wave

Ship Name: {Bassie?}

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the 5th wave, cassie sullivan, and ben parish image chloe grace moretz and nick robinson image cassie, smile, and zombie image nick robinson, chloe grace moretz, and the 5th wave image
Cassie liked Ben at first and then the incident took place and she kinda lost that chance but I will ship these two till the end, Evan better watch out and yes, I've read the books that changes nothing. They are perfect together, and how Zombie (Ben) cares so much about her little brother is just the sweetest thing.

Josh and Maddie-Liv and Maddie

Ship Name: {Mosh}

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dove cameron image disney, josh, and mosh image disney, josh, and mosh image blonde, disney, and girl image
I used to watch this show and guys... we all endgamed these two don't lie. Everyone wanted this to work, and also the only reason what happened happened was because Dove was currently in a relationship with... you know who, whom by the way I never liked. Josh did everything for Maddie and was cute and adorable at the same time, there was even a voting poll during the episode when Maddie chose who she liked most and it came out waaaaayyyy in Josh's favor.

Ryder and Marley-Glee

Ship Name: {Ryley}

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glee, marley, and marley rose image glee, marley, and ryder image glee image glee, glease, and grease image
Ok, I watched this season of Glee like 2 years (I honestly don't remember exactly when, ill finish this article and edit it later) after it aired and liked Ryder from the start, hated Jake, Marley needed to see what was right in front of her. Anyways, so I got all into it like the crazy physico fan girl I am and found an article that said Blake Jenner and Melissa Benoist (Ryder and Marley) had started dating irl, then I scrolled more and saw that they'd gotten engaged, THEN I found out that they already had gotten married and at that point you know my little girl dreams were coming true, then, oh but then, I got in too deep and found out that they got divorced !!! I was sad after that, I'm always too late for things. I still ship the two no matter what though.

Shin-ae and Yeong-gi---I Love Yoo

Ship Name: {Friend Chicken}

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manga, manhwa, and i love yoo image iloveyoo, yeong-gi, and shin-ae image iloveyoo, yeong-gi, and shin-ae image iloveyoo, yeong-gi, and shin-ae image
Most of you probably have no clue at all about who these two are. I honestly don't blame you. K, so usually I'm not ever into any kind of anime junk or anything...buuuuuuuuuuttttttt, I found this app called Webtoon, I was really bored and saw it and was like, ok i'll try it and I read this one comic sorta thing called I Love Yoo (HIGHLY RECOMMEND) Guys you have to read it, as I said you don't have to be into anime to read this stuff it's just soooo good. Anyways I just love this couple, the relate to each other on another level, any he is smoking HOT, in an animated way ;). I'm weird sry...

Harry and Hermione-Harry Potter

Ship Name: {Harmony}

harry potter, hermione granger, and emma watson image
harry potter, hermione granger, and emma watson image harry potter image harry potter, hermione granger, and emma watson image daniel radcliffe, emma watson, and harmony image
I know I may piss quite a few people off with this one, don't get me wrong I LOVE Ron and Hermione it's just that I LOVE Harry and Hermione's relationship a little bit more. {Feel free to skip over this if you really hate Harry and Hermione} Most people look at it as a friendship or brother sister kinda bond but whatever it is, it's adorable and I think they'd make a good couple, sorry, not sorry. Also, I kinda dislike Ginny.

Luke and Leia-Star Wars

Ship Name: {Lake} nah I just made that up

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black+and+white, luke+skywalker, and star+wars image star wars, carrie fisher, and mark hamill image carrie fisher, mark hamill, and star wars image carrie fisher, han solo, and harrison ford image
Ok, Yes, obviously I see these two more as cute friendship I just love their non-sexual love, it's cute. This is the best Brother, Sister duo ever. (in a NONROMANTIC way). Just friends :) trying not to piss people off.

Thank you for reading or at least looking ;)