You and you're friends sit on the beach. The day is winding down. You are loved and it shows in your smile. A soft breeze follows you around all day. The blanket your friends brought with them is soft and smells nice. With your sunglasses on you flip over on your back. The conversation is light but meaningful and you drift slowly into sleep.

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Somone you love wipes tears from your eyes. You have just come to terms with something terribly sad but this person whos with you, you love them so much you just listen. The apartment the two of you share if so comforting in this moment. The potted plants, the bed that remains unmade, the gentle lighting of the kitchen. With the radio tuned to your favorite station, you listen to your lover again and again.

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The stars look different than they did before. Being in love and looking at the stars is very much different from being lonely and looking at the stars. The city looks lavish. It's your anniversary, you've been wandering around town all day until now. The hotel had a rooftop view and your dinner reservation wasn't supposed to be for another thirty minutes so here you are. Taking your time and enjoying it.

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