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So I've been seeing this article go around for a bit. It started with @nikiceeva, and I also found an additional one by @whereismaryam. I loved how both hearters kept their articles simple and elegant. I will be listing both accounts below so you can give them a follow and find other goodies.

I'll be using my birth name, Lundyn, for this article and will diving a bit into what each word means.

L || Lionhearted
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Lionhearted simply means brave and determined. Someone who is loyal and courageous. The Adventurous friend who always wants their friends to tag along.
U || Unconventional
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Unconventional means, out of the ordinary; free in character or action. Not based on or conforming to what is generally done or believed. Simply put, different. Someone who is unique in their own ways, not following the everyday norms.
N || Neoteric
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Neoteric kind of falls in hand with unconventional. It's a word used to describe something new or modern; recent. A modern person; a person who advocates new ideas. Someone who is unconventional and uses new ideas or actions to change things around them. Someone always looking for a new chance and differences.
D || Dainty
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Dainty is a word that makes flowers come to mind, maybe a pretty porcelain doll. Something cute, delicate; perhaps even small. People can also be very dainty. Small in stature, delicate in personality.
Y || Youthfulness.
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Youthfulness is something that everyone experiences, from birth till death. You can be old as hell and still have a youthful, playful heart. This is what keeps us perky, exuberant; cheerful.
N || Natty
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Natty literally means smart and fashionable, especially of a person or an article of clothing. This word isn't used often, but it's the unconventional aspect that I happen to like about it. It seems like almost an awkward word to use for someone who is intelligent and well dressed, however I suppose that could also be the reason it works so well.

Thank you guys for reading this, I really enjoyed diving into my vocabulary and finding new words. I wanted this to be as unconventional and slightly neoteric like myself. I hope you guys enjoyed this and even picked up a few new words. If you're interested in some of my other publications, I'll have it listed below.

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