I’m here to talk about a moment that was possibly the most beautiful one I have ever lived. I love it so much; it’s not even about me! I really felt the need to share it with more people.
I was just leaving school after my finals. Me and some friends who I’m not even that close to anymore bought some sundaes in McDonald’s and went for a walk on the beach. I was really happy and decided to get in the water wearing my uniform. After jumping a lot and throwing water in my friends, I saw it. Two young women were laughing, kissing and hugging in that beautiful ocean. That scene got to me in a way so many things couldn’t have. My town isn’t really LGBTQ+ friendly, and that’s one of the reasons why I live in the closet.
Just seeing them in there, being themselves, loving each other, living a moment of freedom, was so important and comforting. Even though I’ll probably never know who they were, they brought me a little hope for my future, a future where I’ll be able to love without fear.
I hope that every single person in the community reading this right now can find all that love and freedom someday. I really do.