Hello guys it's me again ! Today, I'm gonna invent ( well kinda ) a challenge.
If I was a Singer what I would look like
So let's get started →

My Style :

Image by S.muchiribara Image by _marielajaimes_ tumblr, yellow, and justin bieber image fashion, outfit, and style image
I would wear pants alot 'cause I don,t really like dresses

At a Gala or Award show :

dress, fashion, and red image dress, fashion, and black image dress, fashion, and red image kylie jenner, met gala, and 2k17 image
I would be the beautiful woman on the red carpet

The people I would collab with :

ariana grande image justin bieber, bieber, and justinbieber image kehlani image the weeknd, kehlani, and abel image
Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Kehlani & The Weeknd ( and yeah kehlani is in the last pic too )

Friends :

kehlani image bed, blonde, and goals image Image by ♡ breezy, brown, and chris image
Kehlani, Nicki Minaj, Trey Songz & C Breezy

Song Style :

Drake, j.cole, and the weeknd image pink, aesthetic, and music image classic, classical, and coral image lana del rey, arctic monkeys, and grunge image
R&B, Vintage, Pop and Alternative

Well that's it ! Hope you like it ( I know it's very..... boring but yeah )
Follow me or my collections please
Love you 💋