something tragic has happened to one of my favorite artists, xxxtentacion. he was shot in the neck three times after shopping for motorcycles. disguised men shot him inside his car and took his louis vuitton bag and ran off. they haven’t been identified. i’ve lost gustav/lil peep now him.

i am broken.

it’s terrible, pure evil doings. i am devastated. people think he isn’t dead and he faked it for an album ‘no pulse’. no, he is gone. forever. he would never do such a vile thing and trick people.

this man was so deep he foreshadowed his own death for gods sake. he will truly be missed.

the news he died hit me like the bullets that hit him in the neck. paralyzed.

i can not express how shattered my heart is. he was truly a star on the rise and he passed before he could truly blow up. he said his life purpose would be fulfilled if he inspired and changed the life of at least 5 million kids.

he changed mine.

i don’t think i will ever be able to change back.

i still cannot believe this event has happened and i am completely stunned.

grow your wings and fly away, fly away, fly away

rip x 2018