I'm the type of person who has planned out my life; what my wedding will be like and what my house will be like. This time I'm planning what names my children will have. I'm making this to see if my decision has changed. I've liked the name for my girl for 3 years and the boy for almost a year.

This was inspired by @madiigracee's article.

Griffin - strong lord.

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A friend from high school had this name, I thought it was cute and decided it was a potential choice for a kid

Ambrose - immortal.

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Just like with my mom, I love the thought of unusual and unique named for babies. Ambrose is one of my top 2 favorite names.

Isaac - (his) laughter.

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Since I was a little girl I loved this name. I wouldn't use this because my aunt named her kid this (my cousin), and I want my ki'ds name to be one of a kind like mine. I still love this name

Micah - poor, humble.

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This name is just so cute. This is my 3rd favorite name. I might not use this because I want to name my dog Mika (Mee-kah) and don't want the confusion. But then again I don't care.

Jaimie - supplanter, overthrow.

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I first heard this name on Game of Thrones. He's one of my favorite characters. (the hound is #! though). My coworker's name is this and he's annoying and problematic so he ruined the name for me. I still like it though.

Knight - youth, boy, serving lad.

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MY FAVORITE NAME IN THE WHOLE WORLD. I watched a video about tattoos and a guy got a tattoo of a knights armour. and for some the name stuck out to me.

Jordan - flowing down, river of judgement, descended.

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I've known so many girls and boys with this name. It's a cute name I previously wanted for the future.

Middle Names:

Oscar - divine/god spear, deer, lover, champion warrior.

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This was a boy I knew from high school. I loved him and his name and would consider it for my childs name.

Naveen - beautiful, pleasant, always new.

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So originally, I liked this name because of Princess and the Frog. Last year I watched the tv show Lost and loved the character Sayid played by Naveen Andrews. Which made me love the name even more.

Kade - small battle, spirit of the battle.

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My mom liked this name and it was one of the choices she would have if I was a boy. I consider this as a name I would name my child in sort of honor for her. I probably wouldn't really but still.

King - a king, king field, royal household, famous bearer

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This is such a cute name it made its way to my #1 spot for a middle name.

Asmus - loved, beloved, to love.

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I was watching a show and thought one of the character's name was Asmus (it was really Rasmus). But I like Asmus more.

Literally on the 17th I was making this list and thought about how my children's name is somewhat connected. Amara and Ambrose start with A's and the meaning behind them is immortal. Knights serve kings. Anyways.

When I have a son I want to name him Knight (Asmus?) (whatever middle and last name) and Amberose King (and whatever their last name is). Check out my other articles fore more!!