Hello. a little while ago i was listening to calm songs, and i decided to write this article. I hope you'll like it.

1. Dean - What 2 Do ft. Crush, Jeff Bernat
this song is really good. it has beautifull, aesthetic mv and nice melody

dean, girl, and winter image glass, hand, and sun image beautifull, girl, and winter image

2. Jung Seung Hwan - If It Is You cover by BLACKPINK Rose
well i think i don't have to say a lot about, cause her voice is unbeliveble

kpop, park chaeyoung, and rose image blackpink, rose, and kpop image


fool, indie, and winner image fool, winner, and jinwoo image

4 네시 (4 O' Clock) - by RM & V

sunset and vintage image bts, v, and kpop image


boys, kpop, and bangtanboys image
bts, v, and gif image
boys, kpop, and bangtanboys image

6. MAMAMOO - Starry Night

mamamoo, solar, and moonbyul image korea, kpop, and solar image starry night and mamamoo image solar and mamamoo image

7. Take you Home by Baekhyun

exo, baekhyun, and kpop image light, home, and decor image

8.The Truth Untold - BTS

bts, jimin, and kpop image bts, v, and taehyung image bts, jungkook, and kookie‬ image jin, laughing, and smile image

9.Jungkook - 2U

aesthetic, album, and album cover image jungkook, bts, and spring day image

10. IU - Ending Scene

iu, kpop, and palette image aesthetic, asian, and cloud image
aesthetic, asian, and gif image

okay, hope you will like it, byee~~

gif, jennie, and jisoo image