I used to be always attentive, always looking for, always hopeful.
But when I had already given up, when the hope, that was fighting for life inside of me, was almost complete forgotten.
I saw you.
You came quietly, slowly, I didn’t put hopes on you, I haven’t done this anymore, with no one.
I think that’s why it’s so magic, I looked so hard for you, then you suddenly appear, and it feels like you’ve always been here.
It’s scary, I’ve been waiting for this feelings for so long, but in the same way, I feel like I wasn’t ready for this, sometimes I get suffocated, I get in panic and almost run away.
But then I remember the loneliness that I felt when you weren’t with me, I remember how much I looked for you, how much I dreamed with this feelings I’m having on your side.
That’s why I will never walk away and will never let you go.