hola kids
I have never been a person to eat much bc i am really choosy with what i like.
but for last few months i have been eating only maybe a sandwich (not even with cheese just with either nutella or nothing at all) and a few spoonful of rice with maybe a bit of chicken or smth. i am 16 and 1,65m big and i used to weight around 55kg but now i only weight 50 which is making me anxious about if thats even healthy. i have been dizzy a lot and i continiously feel like puking but i never do. today i fainted during p.e. and idk im wondering if its just me being paranoid about my weight or if i might have some kind of ED??
if you have an idea or if you have any tipps according to making me have appetite again please tell me:)
im open for critisism and you may be a little harsh if that could motivate me(?)
yeh im a master at talking non sense:)
bye babes