Get ready to kill me but...I actually hate this movie
Also spoilers so read with care
I myself have dabbled in the world of Wattpad fiction and as the core content is adapted from the such when put into that perspective its okay for what it is. But I find it odd how the online community seems to be in love with these characters. I really can't name a single one in the movie that I found funny or enjoyable. None of the characters are fleshed out. Instead, they rely on tropes and cliches to carry them.

Because the source material was written in 2012 and by a 15 year old I won't be digging into the dialogue, unreasonable California dream life, and the never acknowledged rich best friends and school.

Cliches and tropes can be done tastefully. They can also be played out in a wide variety of ways look at movies like Bring it on, The Craft, Mi Vida Loca, and even, The Last Dragon

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Elle though determined and strong willed continually lies. She does this to avoid confrontation and in the process creates more problems. At the beginning of the movie, they establish that Elle's mother has passed away but its presented to us as part of the uplifting coming of age montage. As a result, the viewer has no care for this aspect of the story. It doesn't have any apparent impact on Elle either.

Elle comes off as boring and one of the main reasons for this is because her character is only there for Noah and Lee. Even when she's dancing drunk on top of tables and proving a point topless in the locker room the audience has no gauge of who she actually is. We don't know if this is normal behavior or if she's acting out to get a reaction.

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Moving on to my least favorite part of the movie, the famed Flynn brothers.

Noah has some anger issues, rides a motorcycle, and makes out with lots of girls. That's it that's his whole character. Whats troubling is that there is a huge disconnect between the people who hate Noah and who love him. They take these anger issue as either a simple aspect of his bad boy image or an example of abusive behavior.

Anger issues and anger management is a totally valid mental health issue and in the realm of Noah, it's been degraded to nothing. He even mentions in the movie going to see someone about this anger. Throughout the movie, we can also see that his anger is inherently trigger based and controllable. It's a mental illness, an impulse disorder and should be given the same understanding and empathy as other disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Whats often pointed out is that when Lee sees Elle hurt he automatically assume that Noah hit her. I point this back to the anger issues (that Lee has been the target of as Noah's sibling, I'm not saying that it's a direct link to all anger issues) and Lee's own relationship with Noah. Whats actually concering about Noah is that he warded off guys from Elle so that he could eventually swoop in. Successfully going behind her back and hurting her.

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Lee is just as bad as Noah. Possibly even worse in terms of ethics. He's incredibly selfish in what appears to be every part of his personality. He tries to control other people while making himself look like the victim. At the end of the movie when he gives Elle his "blessing" it shows that he has learned nothing from the situation and still resents her. Elle shouldn't have needed his permission or his blessing. He shouldn't have been hoarding his best friend away from his brother either.

The movie shows us that Noah and Lee have never been close. Noah as a typical older brother pushes Lee around but its nothing extreme. Whats strange is that their relationship is beyond superficial and it has twisted Lee backwards. Instead of wanting to understand and get close to his brother he becomes maddeningly jealous of him.

He has no desire to amend their relationship. At the beginning of the film, one might assume Lee feels this way because he is in love with Elle. If this was the case the insanely immature outbursts might be a bit more understandable. But no, instead the film paints Lee as the victim once more as he is rejected by his crush at the kissing booth. They introduce a new love interest for Lee shortly after this scene.

If Lee was a good person if Noah was good person their relationship with Elle should be simple. She could have a close, tight-knit group who care for each other and for her. But it doesn't seem like we'll get to see that anytime soon.