Get to know me more! :) Here are some facts about me:

1. I am a virgo (sun) and capricorn (moon), my b-day is on 19th of September ♍

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2. My favorite colors are blue and purple

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3. My favorite flower is the white rose

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4. My favorite food is pasta 🍝

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5. I love wearing sweaters, jeans and t-shirts

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6. Coffee is my bestfriend ☕️

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7. My hobbies are drawing and playing guitar 🖌🎸

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8. My favorite animal is the dog 🐶

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9. I love traveling so much! ✈️

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10. My favorite car is Range Rover 🚙

range rover and car image Image by ♚Felicia♚

Thanks for reading!

with love, Cris ☽