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As some of my dear followers may know, I have a collection for nice poems, quotes and phrases and a few months ago I started another collection for my favorites out of these.

There are a couple of quotes I really like and made me feel something and today I want to share some of them, 20 to be precise, with you and tell you a little about what they mean to me. After you read this article, you will probably know me a little bit better because I will give you some insight into my thoughts and emotions, haha. So, here we go!


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I read this short dialogue a lot of times and it still makes me feel a little sad everytime I read it because it's so painfully true - being so close to achieving something and then not reaching it is one of the saddest feelings for me so I really like this quote.


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I am a really indecisive person and I also sometimes tend to feel not good, strong, clever etc. enough to do certain things and this text gives me the feeling of motivation and inspiration that I can actually achieve the things I want and that makes this text really beautiful for me.


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I once met a boy who showed me many beautiful things about me that I never saw before and when I read this quote for the first time it immediately reminded me of him and it still does and whenever I read it now I remember how loved I felt because of him and I'm still very grateful for that.


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I would say that I am a very romantic person and I just think this quote is so beautiful because it's so true, one of the things I like about kissing the most is the moments before you kiss, when you look each other deeply in the eyes and then start to get closer and I just love how the quote describes that feeling of excitement and anticipation.


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Again, a very romantic quote but this is also a quote that reminds me of how beautiful life can be and how unique everyone is and how fleeting love can sometimes be.


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This is probably the most perfect way to describe my emotional up and downs, because I do have a lot of bad days where I'm "dying from the thirst" and a few "good", (but I would rather say over-emotional) days once in a while where I'm "drowning beneath the waves" so when I read this quote for the first time I identified myself with it and I still do.


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This is something I had to realize for a long long time and when I read this quote, I could finally start to begin to work on it. I don't know how you guys are with this, but sometimes I focus on something way to much and try to make it happen but often I just need to let it go. And this quote has helped me to let some things go easier.


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Another quote that shows the beauty in the world and that's just very uplifting and inspirational for me.


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This reflects my (most of the time too hopeful and naive) way of thinking when it comes to love and gladly I've come to realize that two people who can't seem to stay away from each other sometimes really should stay away from each other because it's better for them. I've made my expreience with that just a few months ago.


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I tend to overthink what to say during conversations with people I want to like me and then I become nervous and ahh it just sucks sometimes so I appreciate conversations with people I like where I just talk and talk and talk and don't spend a single thought on how I sound or if they think I'm boring, annoying, stupid, etc.


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In times of social media and unnatural beauty ideals this is something everybody, especially young girls should always remember and this is also something that took me a long time to acknowledge - I need to learn that just because I think someone is really pretty, it doesn't mean that I am less pretty or not pretty at all. And this is really important.


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The boy I talked about earlier - this quote reminded him about him as well. He made me feel this way and the quote perfectly pictures that feeling.


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This is something I feel so so deeply because as I said, I had a hard time of letting someone go and I guess that mainly happened because I kept replaying memories in my head over and over again, analysing what could have happened if something went differently. So this quote is just so true to me and when I read it I was like "omg, this is exactly how it is"


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Another really uplifting quote that gives a beautiful outlook on life and all the good things that are going to happen that we can't even imagine yet.


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I love my mom. I love her so much. When I read this it broke my heart because gosh, I do wish she could live forever. The thought of being without her some day is so heartbreaking and that's why this quote affects me really deeply.


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Emptyness is one of my most commonly percieved emotions and when it pushes down on me so hard that I don't even see a sense in eating or showering and it feels like a heavy weight is pushing down on me whenever I try to get out of bed, this is when I feel this quote the most.


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This is another quote which is just so true, there are so many things that bother me that probably just take place in my head, so many worries and assumptions what people could think about me, sometimes I just wish I could stop thinking for a while.


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If you ever had a big crush on someone, you will probably feel about this quote like I do, sometimes someone means really much to you but they don't care at all, and that's sad, but that's also life and the good thing is that all chapters eventually come to an end.


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Ah yes, the wonderful power of our mind to ruin things by thinking, I relate to this so much because whenever I begin to like someone and realize that I could maybe like them romantically I begin to overthink, fantasize, imagine, expect, worry and doubt and I just can't stop myself. I hope one day I can just let it evolve but for now, I'm still stuck in my head when it comes to those things.


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This phrase gives me hope and it's so uplifting to me because I hope I will find someone to marry one day and the thought that both of us make memories that we will tell each other about one day right now is so exciting to me.

And that's it! If you read this whole article, wow, thank you! It was very fun for me to write because it's kind of personal for me because I'm writing about my emotions and I'm really not the kind of person to talk about my feelings openly and sharing it to the internet, well, that's actually a hard thing to for me but I really wanted to do it.

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