Hi guys, it´s Bell again. Today i´m doing my own tag, and it´s about Disney because i´m in love whit disney´s movies. If you want to do this tag too, don´t hesitate.
I hope you enjoy :)
Let´s start.

1. Favorite Disney movie

disney, rapunzel, and tangled image disney, tangled, and rapunzel image
Tangled. I really love a lot this movie.

2. Favorite Disney classic princess

aesthetic, beauty and the beast, and belle image disney, book, and beauty and the beast image
Belle. She´s so powerful and she does no meet the stereotype of princess. So i like her.

3. Favorite Dsiney female character

disney, moana, and baby image moana, disney, and vaiana image
Vaiana. (Moana in spanish)
zootopia and disney image animation, gif, and movie image
Judy Hopps.

4. Favorite Disney male character

disney, sebastian, and the little mermaid image disney, inspirational, and quote image
chip and dale image disney, tree, and chip and dale image
Chip and Dale.
tangled and eugene and max image tangled, Dream, and rapunzel image
Maximus and Flynn Rider / Eugine Fitzherbert.

5. Favorite Disney villian

Image by Bi 🖤 maleficent, love, and disney image

6: Favorite Disney character (not human or animal)

disney, big hero 6, and baymax image baymax, quotes, and pain image
Baymax. Omg. I want one
stitch, disney, and lilo image stitch, disney, and guitar image

7. Favorite Disney chilhood movie

disney, the fox and the hound, and friends image copper, disney, and forever image
The fox and the hound / Tod and Toby movies.
winnie the pooh image winnie the pooh, quotes, and pooh image
Winnie the pooh movies.
dumbo and cute image disney and dumbo image
cat, disney, and aristocats image disney and gif image
The Aristocats.

And there´s a lot of movies more but i won´t mencionate it all.

8. Less favorite Disney movie

ocean, blue, and sea image Image removed
Atlantis the lost empire. I never gave him so much attention. Maybe i´ve to take him an oportunity.

9. Less favorite Disney character

disney and beauty and the beast image disney, beauty and the beast, and lumiere image
Ding Dong. I feel he´s sooo bored.

10. Disney movie i´m excited to see

gif, funny, and disney image incredibles 2 full movie image
The incredibles 2.

And it´s all for today guys, i hope you liked it.
I don´t mecionate all the Disney´s movies i like because there´s a lot, sorry about that.
Sorry too for my so so bad inglish, i speak spanish lol.

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Thank you for read :)
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