There is something about self-love that draws me, I have not yet been fully able to understand, comprehend and give it to myself fully. However, I believe life is a journey and a journey of discovery, I can not wait for the day when I will stumble upon a well full of self-love. I am waiting for this day because I know that when it comes I will stop settling for carbon copies of what I want, I will learn to say NO and stand up for myself, I will put myself first and remove myself from situations that eat away from my being. Because self-love is kindness to one's self in its purest form, self-love is appreciation of self and self-love is protection in it's strongest form. And if you have not found it yet, I believe and sense that it is within you waiting for you to reach for it one step, one day at a time.

Love yourself and always always be kind to yourself.

written by a sad girl who still has hope for a better tomorrow.