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But here are some cool ideas to get curls/waves without using heat .

1. Braid your hair

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This is pretty simple, but It will get you either curls or waves, it depends on your hair type.

2. Bantu Knots

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This takes a while to do , depending on how big or small you do it. But I don't recommend doing it big because your curls won't be that poppin, so do it small or at least a medium size.

3. Twisted Space Buns

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Section your hair into two parts and twist each side forming it into a bun.

4. Add leave in condition and diffuse

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After shampooing you hair, add some leave in conditioner while your hair is still wet and then diffuse it with a hair diffuser /hair dryer.

5. Sock Method

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This sounds insane, but it works. Basically you spray your hair with a little water mixed with olive oil and curl activator, then you twist your hair around the sock from the tips all the way to the root of your hair and then you tie it.

If you have no Idea what I'm talking about, watch the video!

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