I love traveling! Last year that brought me to Quedlinburg.
Quedlinburg? What is that? Was that what you were thinking. I know this isnโ€™t a city most people have heard about, so I will tell you something about this german town.

How I found the city.
Last year I really wanted to go to Germany. But this time I didnโ€™t wanted to go somewhere like Berlin or Munich... I wanted to go to a smaller town. Some place that was old, had charm and were beautiful. After researching that brought me to Quedlinburg.

Quedlinburg is located in northern Germany and is surrounded by beautiful mountains. When I say mountains I donโ€™t mean Mount Everest but small and charming mountains. I landed in Hamburg Airport and decided to take a road trip trough Germany, witch take about 3 hours. When we drove past Hannover and got into a national park where I can only say the view was breathtaking.

What to do.
Itโ€™s a small city so enjoy it. Iโ€™m from a big city and I enjoyed that there wasnโ€™t any traffic. So if you you need some time away from your busy life then go to Quedlinburg!
My hotel was really amazing not because of the inside... but because of the view. I had a view over the beautiful castle witch was built in the 16th - 17th century. Itโ€™s absolutely beautiful and my number 1 spot in the city. The castle was build on hill so youโ€™ll have to walk up some stairs but itโ€™s worth it! When you walk up the stairs you might see some small gardens... it depends on what side of the castle you are on. Thatโ€™s because some people in the city actually own them since some people have gardens. Already here you can see the charm in the city. When you make it to the top there is a beautiful garden with an amazing view. You can not only see the beautiful houses but also the mountains. I donโ€™t recommend to into the church. Thatโ€™s because I think itโ€™s too expensive and you canโ€™t even talk in there.
Now you can take a walk in the city. Enjoy some german Apfelstrudel (german apple pie) or Pfannkuchen (pancakes) on a cafe. Walk by the water or in the park just to relax. Just walking in the city is an experience.

Xx Kassie