Hi! So basically I saw a YouTube video of what I'm doing in this article, which is asking kpop related questions to your friend and comparing answers. Just thought it would be fun! Please enjoy!

Who is the best boy group?

army, wings, and bts image gif and bts image
We both answered BTS

Who is the best girl group?

lisa, rose, and jennie image gif, blackpink, and jennie image
We both answered BlackPink

Song that gets stuck in your head:

Image removed b&w, edit, and girl group image
Me: Ice-Cream Cake by Red Velvet ✿ Friend: Peek A Boo by Red Velvet

Best underrated group:

dreamcatcher, gif, and kpop image felix, gif, and ice cream image
Me: Dreamcatcher ✿ Friend: Stray Kids

Best rookie group:

(g)i-dle, kpop, and minnie image
Me: (G)I-DLE

Best senior group:

bigbang, daesung, and seungri image
Friend: Bigbang

Best solo artist:

Image removed kpop, soloist, and iu image
Me: CL✿ Friend: IU

Best disbanded group:

4minute, sohyun, and gayoon image asian girl, asian girls, and girl image
Me: 4minute ✿ Friend: Wondergirls

Best girl visual:

mamamoo and hwasa image momo, mina, and sana image
Me: Hwasa ✿ Friend: Tyuzu

Best guy visual:

Image by urin baepsaeya Image by stephanie marie cruz
Me: Kai ✿ Friend: Jin

Best male vocalist:

bts, purple, and v image kpop, Taemin, and lee taemin image
Me: V ✿ Friend: Taemin

Best female vocalist:

dreamcatcher, kpop, and korean image rose, blackpink, and kpop image
Me: Yoohyeon ✿ Friend: Rose

Best male dancer:

tumblr, bts, and j-hope image gif, kpop, and bts image
Me: Jhope ✿ Friend: Jimin

Best female dancer:

lisa, rose, and jennie image kpop, momo, and twice image
Me: Lisa ✿ Friend: Momo

Best male rapper:

gif, kpop, and rm image gif, bts, and suga image
Me: Namjoon ✿ Friend: Suga

Best female rapper:

CL, 2ne1, and kpop image CL, 2ne1, and kpop image
Both answered CL

Song that I listen to the most:

mamamoo, solar, and moonbyul image army, jin, and v image
Me: Starry Night by Mamamoo ✿ Friend: Fake Love by BTS

Song with the best choreography:

bts, not today, and v image gif, cute, and jhope image
Both answered Not Today by BTS

Best song to dance to:

exo, gif, and kpop image dance, gif, and lisa image
Me: Monster by Exo ✿ Friend: Boombayah by BlackPink

The first Kpop song you ever listened to:

gif, bts, and jimin image super junior, suju, and ss4 image
Me: DNA by BTS ✿ Mr Simple by Super Junior

Your favorite Bias:

lisa, rose, and jennie image bts, suga, and yoongi image
Me: Rose ✿ Friend: Suga

Song that gets you in a good mood:

choreography, gif, and kpop image asians, bae, and boyband image
Me: Anpanman by BTS ✿ Friend: Energetic by Wanna One

Song that gets you in your feels:

the rose, hajoon, and woosung image jungkook and jimin image
Me: Sorry by The Rose ✿ Friend: Spring Day by BTS

Male idol with the best style:

bts, kpop, and style image fashion, outfit, and airport fashion image
Me: Namjoon ✿ Friend: Jimin

Female idol with the best style:

aesthetic, hq, and outfit image jennie, blackpink, and rose image
Me: Jennie and Rose ✿ Friend: Jennie

Thanks for reading! ☁