hello! hope you're fine <3 today I am going to spell out my name ( leticia ) out with colours!

L: lemon

lemon, yellow, and aesthetic image beach, casual, and white image Image by Ina casual, cool, and girl image

E: emerald

fashion, green, and style image snake, green, and aesthetic image crystal, aesthetic, and green image green, aesthetic, and water image

T: tangerine

orange, aesthetic, and car image orange and mandarin oranges image flowers, vintage, and 50s image red, aesthetic, and sweater image

I: ivory

white, silk, and fabric image flowers, white, and tulips image beautiful, fountain, and ivory image bath, fashion, and girl image

C: cream

colors, neutral color, and cream image colors, neutral color, and cream image aesthetic, beige, and brown image starbucks, sweater, and white image

I: indigo

blue, art, and paint image blue, shell, and sea image blue, aesthetic, and velvet image grunge, sea, and tumblr image

A: aqua

plants, turquoise, and blue image summer, girl, and turquoise image wallpaper, ocean, and blue image aesthetic, aesthetics, and aqua image

hope you guys liked it and thank you for reading!!