Sometimes, in moments you don't know how or when inspiration strikes, comes sneakily telling you ideas from everywhere; from dragons to a new story idea. But it doesn't always strike just like that, somethings call inspiration, like an amazingly written series or a cartoon show or a comic book; depending on in which area your heart lies.

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If you are like me, if you love anything cartoon or sci-fi more than anything then my friend we have similar ways of calling inspiration. Like watching that Stranger Things episode again or rewatching The Last Airbender or reading a Neil Geiman comic, Sandman presumably.

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Or maybe your inspiration comes from a completely different area, but don't worry it finds a way. Harder part is putting together those ideas and working for it. They always say if you want something so much you have to give in everything. Which is also hard, working a lot about anything is hard, even it is the thing you love the most, especially if you are trying to succeed on your own.

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But don't let this take us away from our path, even if it is harder, it is never impossible. I have recently only been able to come into a place that I work at least an hour for the thing I want, is it enough, i don't know, but you know they also say doing something regularly also helps. I hope so. I believe, no matter what, you my friend do the same; lets believe!

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