if you're traveling somewhere by plane and have no idea what to do while waiting in in the airport and on the airplane, then here are a list of things you should do.


- talk to a stranger/make a new friend
- buy food/drinks
- purchase souvenirs from the gift shop
- people - watch
- watch a movie on your phone/laptop
- take photos
- read a book magazine
- listen to music
- walk around the airport (be sure not to get lost lol)
- look through social media
- play games on your phone

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- ask for pilot wings
- sleep
- eat/drink something
- watch a movie/tv show
- listen to music
- take photos
- solve word searches/crossword puzzles
- read a book/magazine
- talk to the person sitting next to you/near you
- play games on your phone or on any portable gaming device
- draw

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today you should:
- compliment someone
- try something new
- drink water

Q - when's the last time you've been on an airplane, and where did you go?
A - 2 years ago to florida