I love are late night talks. I love when we "argue" it lowkey turn me on😏💓 And you just so wonderful baby. The way you treat me is so 😩💦treating me like a princess. Baby boy I promise you I'm stay loyal and treat you like a mf king. I got you on anything. I'm stay by your side. Yes I know sometimes I be acting clingy but it's cause I love your attention. Your voice makes my heart melt. You give me butterflies every time we talk 😊. My baby is just so cute ugh 😍. Babe you have me head over heals for you. And every time we talk and just be on the phone you make me fall in love with you all over again 💍. And I hope that our love only gets stronger. No matter if we have an argument I hope we work it out. I'm selfish and I just want you all to my self baby you don't need no one else😉. Yes I get jealous bc I'm afraid someone might catch your eye and make you happier then I do😞. But baby I don't doubt you for a second, you stay 💯. I'm down for you babe. It's all about you. Making you my #1 priority. Just want to make you happy n proud to call me yours. Hope you know how happy you make me feel. Always making me laugh and being there for me on my weakest days. My handsome angel. But yeah babe there so much more I have to say but I'm sum it up here cause you know I'm crazy in love with you. Just show everybody what a lucky girl I am

- A.B.H