below is a makeup for those that are just starting out!


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if you're just starting out, i would recommend you not to wear any face makeup. however, if you have some blemishes or acne you want to cover up, I suggest a bb cream. make sure to wear moisturizer before applying makeup.


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you don't have to fill in your eyebrows, but you can comb them. you can choose to either just curl your lashes or curl and apply mascara (if you want more length, use a lengthening mascara; if you want more volume, use a volumizing mascara)


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finish up by applying a tinted lip balm onto your lips. I recommend baby lips.


wearing makeup is such a struggle, but it's an art form. ever since i've started wearing makeup, i can't seem to stop.

today you should:
- compliment someone
- try something new
- drink water

Q - do you wear makeup?
A - yes, everyday but in a natural way