SUPERHERO NAME: People call her "the lightning girl".


girl, eyes, and beauty image black hair image Mature image girl, makeup, and beauty image
Big blue eyes,pale skin with freckless, long black hair and athletic body.She makes up with a perfect eyeliner.


Image by Vicky Jutras fashion and girl image
Tony made her a black leather suit and when she uses her power, her eyes turn violet.


Inspiring Image on We Heart It eyes, faces, and purple image blue image aesthetic, blue, and power image
She has the power of control and create electricity incluiding purple lightnings.


iron man, Marvel, and tony stark image angel, boy, and dark image
Tony Stark saves her from her horrible family and he adopted her. Nowadays, Tony is like a father to her.


aesthetic image aesthetic, peter parker, and spiderman image aesthetic, peter parker, and Marvel image Marvel, peter parker, and aesthetic image
Your friendly and neighbour Spiderman.


ballet, dance, and jacket image Avengers, black, and fashion image
Black widow, her best friend
aesthetic, gods, and hammer image hair, blonde, and hairstyle image
Thor is her mentor and he is like a brother to her.
aesthetic, Avengers, and Marvel image aesthetic, Marvel, and red image
Wanda Maximoff, her other best friend.



Image removed lips, rose, and bubble gun image
Her exfriend and girlfriend of her brother.She has telekinesis and she is a little bit crazy.

Shadow :

purple, ombre, and grunge image pain, wallpaper, and sad image
Her evil twin brother who wants to destroy her. He has the power of shadows and darkness. She is the only one who can finish with him.


white, blue, and eye image glass, hand, and broken image
Frozen is her exboyfriend and he was good until she broke up with him.He has the power of ice.

This one is inspired by @clarityfauna .

I hope you enjoy it!!!