Good films make your life better.
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Today, I'll talk about a few good movies that you should see, if you are getting bored or if it's a bad weather outside and you can't leave the house.

I advise you to discover just an amazing film and then it will certainly become a part of your mind.
Don't you know that sad moment, when you return to the real life after a great movie?


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For the vampire lovers, like me


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A wonderful fictional world

3.It's kind of a funny story

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People can inspire you through their words

4.If I stay

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What happens if you're sure about your death coming?


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I can't cry after watching movies, but this is an exception

6.The book thief

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The novel takes place during World War II, death and genocide are nearly omnipresent in the novel

7.The theory of everything

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Science or Art?

8.Now you see me

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Magic doesn't exist just in our imagination

9.The autopsy of Jane Doe

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A curious doctor and an unusual situation


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People aren't how they look

11.The Grudge

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My favorite horror series