a - age

16, birthday, and enjoy image 16, birthday cake, and boys image

b - best feature

Image by ѕαη¢тυαяу ﺭﻣﺰﻳﺎﺕ, عيٌون, and 👀 image

c - colors

blink, blackpink, and kpop image sky, summer, and sunset image

d - deepest regret

death, love, and rip image hospital and bed image

e - every day starts with

shameless us and fiona gallagher image city and fuck off image

f - favorite song

5sos, luke hemmings, and 5 seconds of summer image 5sos, valentine, and 5 seconds of summer image

g - greatest accomplishment

girl, photography, and black image money, rich, and dollars image
shaved head for charity - raised £1,129 :)

h - height (in feet and inches)

five, NUMBER 5, and numbers image green, six, and number 6 image

i - in love with

sebastian stan, gif, and Marvel image boy, Hot, and icon image

j - job of my dreams

concert, singer, and zachherron image pink, purple, and ariana grande image

k - kids i want

beautiful, pretty, and cute image family, baby, and couple image

l - last thing i ate

chocolates, galaxy, and kitkat image chocolate, food, and sweet image

m - magic power i want

brain meme image wallpaper image

n - number of siblings

1, one, and only image america, nyc, and usa image

o - outfit

fashion image aesthetic, alternative, and clothes image

p - person i last texted

best friends, dress, and I Love You image boy, gay, and gays image

q - question i always ask

stupid, quotes, and boy image brains, do, and question image

r - reasons to smile

guitar, music, and rock image black, bombe, and girl image

s - sexuality

Image by •Guenda🤙🏽🎀💄 couple, love, and goals image

t - time i wake up

midnight image clouds, colors, and orange image

u - underwear colour

amazing, lingeries, and black image dentelle, tattoo, and underwear image

v - vacation destination

Image removed aesthetic, disney, and disney world image

w - worst habit

biting, Relationship, and couple image aesthetic, biting, and body image

x - x-rays i've had

kiss, love, and skull image Image by Selena•Viv

y - your favorite drink

chocolate, coffee, and drink image cherry, cream, and drink image

z - zodiac sign

aesthetic, arm, and dark image arm, bow, and Sagittarius image

thank you for reading x