below are things you should not pack for vacation as they are either unnecessary or at risk of getting damaged, lost/stolen, etc.

prized possessions/valuable materials

never bring expensive jewelry or items that you value. there is a chance they can be stolen or lost. reduce the risk of this from happening by leaving them at home.

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your entire closet

don't pack an unnecessary amount of clothes on your trip. pack enough (plus extra in case) for the amount of days you'll be where you're at.

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extra shoes

i suggest bringing shoes that match the weather of where you're going. just because you have cute new heels, don't bring it along to a place you're traveling where it's going to be cold.

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your full makeup bag

especially when you use a lot of products, I suggest only bringing the basics or what's necessary. also, leave shampoo and conditioner at home (unless you absolutely have to use yours). hotels will provide these for you.

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extra reading material

you'll end up carrying extra load if you bring a translator, guide, etc. either the hotel will provide these, or you can look them up on the internet.

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today you should:
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- drink water

Q - favorite place you've traveled to?
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