Well, if you expect to find here the typical Disney princess as Belle, Ariel and Jasmine (who are also strong and powerful, in their own way and in their own plots), you are in the wrong article.

The girls I'm going to show you are, probably, underrated wimen (not all of them, of course).

And maybe, you'll be shocked by the examples I took.

1. Madame Adelaide Bonfamille

disney image
The Aristocats - 1970

Let's just say how fucking diva she is. We have to admit that she is an old woman too, but she doesn't matter at all. She is elegant, beautiful and kind. And what's more important: she is so happy being single and living with her cats (which, in our society it means to be a loser, but she isn't).

2. Bianca

adorable, disney, and bernard and bianca image
The rescuers - 1978

We have here another Disney diva. But in this case, this character is awesome because of her courage. She appeals to be assigned for the case. A girl, in those times. It is just a powerful sign.


justice, disney, and esmerelda image
The hunchback of Notre Dame - 1996

She is the truly Disney hero. She fights against injustices during the whole movie. She yells out the truth when nobody does. She practically dies for her convictions and beliefs. And, please, don't forget how lovely she is when she became Quasimodo's friend when everybody else despised him.


disney, hercules, and damsel image
Hercules -1997

Just because she says whatever she wants to and whenever she wants to. That's power my friends.


mulan, disney, and funny image
Mulan - 1998

This woman is hilarious. She is the whole Mulan's support. And her quotes are the funniest. She is the perfect description for "live and let live".


disney, film, and gif image
Lilo & Stitch - 2002

Even her life is a completely mess, she tries so hard. For herself and for Lilo. She forgets about her private life to focuses on Lilo's wellness. She is a fighter. She is full of dreams. And she is a really caring sister.


disney, treasure planet, and captain amelia image
The treasure planet - 2002

Isn't she a forgotten character? And she is so fucking incredible. She is so intelligent, sarcastic, agile, strong... and all that stuff. She even keeps her sadness for herself to avoid worrying the other ones. Ans she manages the situation during the whole movie. Queen.