Some of us usually have problems starting our mornings with a smile on our faces, so here's how I start off my mornings.

1. Wake up and smell the roses!

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When you wake up, try taking a couple deep breaths. These will help you feel calm and peaceful.

2. Do a couple of stretches!

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Stretching really helps wake the mind and the body and prepare it for the day so do a couple side reaches before leaving the room.

3. Have a drink!

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Whether it be coffee, tea or water, drinking something helps wake you up and keep you hydrated.

4. Eat a healthy breakfast!

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A healthy breakfast is perfect for feeling energised, after all, it is the most important meal of the day!

5. Take a shower, etc!

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Always make sure to take a shower, brush ya teeth, etc! Normal eyeryday stuff!

6, Have some fun!

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Go out and enjoy you day! Blast music from the speakers and dance your sorrows away! Make new friends and go on adventures!

Enjoy your day! -
✨ Aaron ✨